INFORMATION Weekly Server Maintenance [05.12]

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    Hello this is Silkroad Royale,

    Server will be undergoing weekly maintenance.

    Maintenance Date : 05.12.2019 15.00 ~ 17.00 Silkroad Royale Time

    1- New Year Event is going to be activated.

    Event Duration : 05.12.2019 ~ 09.01.2020 Silkroad Royale Time

    New Year Event Details,

    Hunt the Snow Slaves, collect the Snow Flakes and take the rewards from Santa So-Ok!

    - Collect Snowflakes by hunting Snow Slaves randomly appearing on the map.
    - After you collect 10, deliver them to Santa So-Ok and get your rewards.

    NOTE : When the server fill the New Year Bar that appears at the top right of the screen, there will be a exp rate increase for a while and New Year Uniques is going to be spawned.

    2- New Year decors will be added to towns.

    3- Potion Support will be added to the beginners for every 10 Level until 60 Level!

    4- Battle Royale Hunger Games mode will be ended.

    5- Battle Royale DC Problem will be fixed.

    6- Previously purchased items' remain in the Stall Network problem will be fixed.

    New Avatars,

    Water Spirit Outfit ,
    Bluesoul Knight Dress,
    Red Riding Hood Dress,

    Thank you.
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