UPDATE Weekly Server Maintenance Details [07.11]

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  1. Ariana

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    Hello this is Silkroad Royale,

    Weekly Server Maintenance is over.

    [Patch List]

    1- Pets closed in the Survival Arena.

    2- Niya Mage / Niya Shaman mobs in Global Clone World replaced with Niya General / Niya Royal Guard mobs.

    3- Shakram / Edimmu mobs in Global Clone World replaced with Niya Sniper / Niya Hunter mobs.

    4- Pot Stacks increased to 250.

    5- Avatar added to Magic Pop. ( Duke,Countess )

    6- Angel's Spirit Devil ( Amalrun ) added to Magic Pop. (The features are the same as normal Devil, only the visual is different.)

    7- Event Schedule activated again.

    8- Global Item Link's some issues fixed:

    - Monster Mask's belong group will be shown.
    - Pets can now be linked.
    - It shows the duration of the Devils.
    - Stone's percentage of assimilation will be shown.
    - Red stat items can now be linked.

    9- Battle Royale DC problem has been fixed.

    10- The skin changing is going to be affect the Battle Royale.

    New Avatars,

    Chinese Opera Dress,
    Holy Knight Dress,
    Jade Shadow Raider Armor,

    Planned Update Notes of the Next Maintenance,

    1- Battle royale season system will be replaced to Weekly.

    2- Battle Arena will be activated.

    3- We will implement a new ( general ) rank system.

    NOTE: On 14.11.2019 ( next week ) the Jewel Boxes will be removed from your character and the Halloween Event will end.

    NOTE: Attendance Events will be as follows;
    There will be 28 days of event time + 1 week of extra reward time.
    (There will be no checking on the schedule and only those who forget to take rewards will receive their rewards.)

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